Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Donations to date...

Okay here is a list of donated items to date... I will be adding this to the side bar and trying to keep it if someone wishes to send me items I will add them to which ever organisations tally as well..

Premature hats- donated to John Hunter Hospital NICU, Newcastle thru the Little Wonders group and Mercy Hospital for Women, Melbourne thru the Featherweight Club. 47 hats and 2 pairs of little bootees.
Homeless and Needy through a local Salvation Army group- 1 cardigan, 3 beanies, 2 towells, 2 washers, 1 blanket.
The Alfred Hospital Foundation, Melbourne - 11 scarves for Alfred Bear. these are sold thru their shop to raise funds.
The Winter Warm Project - 2 beanies. 1 scarf
These are sent items and items waiting to be sent since May '08.. I have items that still are in progress and hope to add to this list by the end of this week..
I am aiming to have at least 5 items finished per week.
On top of all these I donate 2 fqs monthly to a fabulous lady who makes quilts for those less fortunate.. to date she has made over 1500 quilts and going strongly.. she really is one amazing woman.. her blog if anyone is interested in reading is

Once again if anyone would like to help make things or even donate fabric or yarn it would be appreciated immensely.. or if you know of an organisation worthy of listing and donating to just send me the details.

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