Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay I may be Slack BUT.....

I have been busy... others may not believe it but I have been busy making items and donating them. To me that is more important than updating my blog..also living my busy life can be very hard at times as those who know me well will attest to.. to those who wish to leave unwarranted comments on this blog so be it! You never know if your unwarranted comments are the last someone can handle.. I know I would hate to think I made someone feel worse by my comments or actions..
hence all future comments on this blog will be moderated.. there is enough nastiness and cruelty in this world and this blog is not the place for it.. this blog is about giving to those and helping those in need..
To those who understand my life and do follow my blog, I apologise and I also thank you for being so patient. I will update shortly when time and life permits.

Hug those important to you and smile at the rest..