Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More items to be sent off

Just a quick update to post a couple of pics of the items I have to send off.
These items will all be going to different charities to help those less fortunate, I think the beanies especially will come in handy with all this cold, wet weather we are getting down south here. The poor teddy needs a face first and I need to sew up a pair of mittens then get them all sent off.
Hope it is not too cold and wet in your part of the world.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boy it has got cold!!

It has been so long since we have had a proper cold, wet winter but I think we are in for one this year. It has been about 16 years since we last saw water laying on the ground like we used to every year but this year there is water lying on the ground already so it is definitely rubber boots weather now and it is just the first day of winter. Today it was so cold that I went and bought myself a new jacket to keep me warm, but not before I went and bought some more yarn to make some items for those who are permanently out in this cold weather. We had ice on all the windscreens this morning so imagine these poor souls who have to sleep out in it.. we have not had proper heating for the last 5 years, stupid central heating in country areas don't mix real well, along with the problem of trying to get tradies to travel out to fix them. I seem to spend 6 months of the year begging a tradie to come out and fix our heating system, then summer comes and it slips to the back of my mind. Up until this year we did have a fire to keep the chill off but it came to grief last winter and we haven't been able to get it fixed yet.. so while I sit in front of my little portable heater I really feel for those who are exposed to the elements and can only imagine how cold they must be. Which leads me to more knitting for helping these people at least feel a little bit warmer. Some of the items I have completed include these items.
Seems to be a bit of a trend here of all baby items but I do have other items that need photographing.. and guess what I found back in May!!! yep my camera.. lol I really don't know where it has been hiding but one day it turned up on my sewing table. I swear it wasn't there the multitude of times I searched and searched for it.. and I was just on the verge of buying a new one. lucky I didn't.. so while the batteries recharge, yep I did have to buy new ones, I will continue on with my knitting and hopefully get a heap more items finished for the next photographic session before I send them all off to keep their new owners nice and snuggly warm.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yes I am here...

Can you believe how fast this year has gone... unbelievable that we are looking at Christmas being only 11 weeks away or something like that.......

Well I have been busy making things and sending them off.. in amongst everything that happens in my life with kids..

Well time for some pics I think. Above these baby jackets and shirts will be heading off to The Carolyn Chisolm Society for young mums. I still need to finish off another blue one and see if I can get some more made before the end of this month when they are needed..

This beanie is my very first effort at looming, I really had no idea what I was doing so was quite pleased with the final result..

Oh and before I forget I did manage to make that scarfette for myself.. and a few other items I will add down the bottom.. but the following pics are all different items for all different charities that I have completed and sent off or are about to. Hope you enjoy them.


Ha the six photos at the bottom are of my lime green scarfette, another purple lace scarf and my two shawls I made for myself this past winter.. it was so cold I needed something for me and the two little vests I made for my niece and nephew.

This morning I forgot to take a photo of the 13 premmie beanies, blanket square and the other items I sent off to another needy charity.. mainly because I have misplaced my camera in a 'safe' place as we do... so off I go hunting for it..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Okay time for an update..

Thought it about time I dropped in here and updated my blog with my crazy life. lol
Sorry but there will be no photos this post as we have recently updated our computers and my photos are on my new workstation which isn't properly set up yet.. just haven't had time to do it..first we had to wait 2 weeks for the technos to transfer data etc and get the right pcs for us..grr was a long 2 weeks that is for sure.. luckily for me I kept my old laptop and at least had access to my emails and the internet.. we have updated to the new windows 7 and so far I am finding it good, only problem is that the sales girl sold us a fax/printer/scanner all in one that is not compatible with windows 7! why would she do that... hmm

This year I was really looking forward to the end of the busy cricket season so I could enjoy some knitting time without having to be here, there and everywhere all the time but..... hehe
well football season started with a bang and has not, nor does it look like, slowing down even for just a minute...
Our oldest son wisely decided to take the year off from football due to injuries from 2 seasons ago, sigh of relief... although he is almost 20 we still like to take a keen interest in his sport. Our next younger son is playing in the Under 18s this year and his sister is playing under 17s netball on the same day AND they both have the same training nights..yaye.. good less travel.. hehe then the next 2 younger girls decided they would like to play netball this year.. okay same club, different day of play from the other 2... yeah sure we can manage that... sport both Saturday and Sunday we have done before so should be okay.. surely trainings will be the same nights as the others....... nope.NOT. one trains Tuesday nights, another Wednesday nights and then the other 2 are Thursday nights. 2 girls are also doing their confirmations with meetings and lessons etc on Monday nights.. leaves me with Friday/night at home... sometimes.... lol we now have 4 children at 3 different schools and trying to juggle who has to be picked when and by whom is getting a tad hard at times... trying to have them all at their trainings etc on the right nights and on time with over an hours distance between the schools..lol lucky for me I think my sanity levels are still in check...being in the country I have to either pick one up from one school then travel into the other town to meet up with the others and take them to trainings or sometimes I will let one come home on the bus to her dad when he is going to be home early from work.....anyways this sees me leaving home at around 2pm each day and not getting home until after 7pm...I think I spend more time in the car than anywhere else now.... I also thought with all the training nights I would get plenty of knitting time .....lol.. nope my 4 year old put paid to that... she wants to get out and 'play' netball with me whilst the others are training now... well it is either that or put up with her in the car 'needing' this or that.. I know which I prefer.. but hopefully as the days get shorter we won't be able to 'play' in the dark, the others will train under lights then.
So not much knitting gets done apart from the Saturday whilst I am watching the older ones play their sport, have duties to perform on Sundays with the younger 2.. but I grab the occasional 5 - 10 minutes during my short time at home..lol when I really should be catching up on housework... but........
With all the goings on I am actually surprised at what I have achieved knitting wise..
Some time last year I started a diagonal blanket and was almost 3/4 of the way thru it and ran out of yarn.grrr. so it got put aside while I decided what my next actions would be with it.. needless to say it sat and sat looking at me sadly as I couldn't decide what to do with it and my chances of finding more yarn in it's colorway was almost zilch. It is a varigated mint blue. well guess what I found while browsing a shop recently( read that as running thru the aisles looking for what I really needed, hehe).. yep the color I was after to finish this blanket off, albeit a different brand of yarn but none the less the same colorings.. should I grab it and hope it blends in okay or what... you bet ya I did and would you believe you can't tell which is which brand of yarn it is so close a match.. I now have a nice varigated baby blanket finished and ready to head off to a new owner. I have also finished off 2 scarves, a couple of beanies and a few premmie beanies along with 10 little AFL teddy scarves and almost finished, just need the ends sewn in and the seams sewn is a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of 'Slippers with Soul' slippers. Next project on the cards is a little Milo vest for my gorgeous little nephew Dec. Just waiting to get my hands on the pattern, the clever designer just happens to be one of my sisters, and then I am going to knit myself a little scarfette cos the nights are getting bloody cold at trainings and I need something around my neck to warm me up... think it will get done... we will see..

I would just like to put in a request here.. :-)
I have been receiving quite a few comments from different people but in another language/s.. either Chinese or Japanese I am not sure which, but as all comments are moderated and for the life of me I cannot find my language interpreter site again would it be possible if comments left be in English or if some kind person could please send me a link to the language interpreter site.. I know I had it somewhere but it seems to have disappeared from my pcs....... I would hate for someone to think I am ignoring their comments, I really am not, I just don't know what they say..lol and would really like to know before I ok them.
Well that is all from me for now..
Hugs and take care until next time, hopefully with pics of some new finished items..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay I may be Slack BUT.....

I have been busy... others may not believe it but I have been busy making items and donating them. To me that is more important than updating my blog..also living my busy life can be very hard at times as those who know me well will attest to.. to those who wish to leave unwarranted comments on this blog so be it! You never know if your unwarranted comments are the last someone can handle.. I know I would hate to think I made someone feel worse by my comments or actions..
hence all future comments on this blog will be moderated.. there is enough nastiness and cruelty in this world and this blog is not the place for it.. this blog is about giving to those and helping those in need..
To those who understand my life and do follow my blog, I apologise and I also thank you for being so patient. I will update shortly when time and life permits.

Hug those important to you and smile at the rest..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I know I am slack but this is ridiculous...

Okay I have been neglectful... over 2 months.... but I have been doing things and making things...

Let's see what I have made.. some more of the Never ending Blanket Squares.I really enjoy making these. They are great stash busters..
A few of these crocheted beanies. A couple of these have already found new homes, the rest are waiting patiently to find new homes.

I have also finished off some knitted items. A beret and 2 beanies and a little phone pouch. Nearly all of these have found new homes, I only have the phone pouch left to go..
If you want to see what else I have been up to check out my other blog
Till next time take care and I hope it won't be as long next time..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some photos of finished items at long last..

I have been having a bit of fun playing around with these squares... I usually do the normal granny squares when I am crocheting up my scraps of wool and the blankets are then donated to the homeless. But this is based on the 'Never Ending Blanket' square which is less 'holey' and I have so far made up 7 of these squares for charity. They crochet up very quickly and I am really enjoying making them. These squares will be going to Knit4Charity yahoo group to be made into blankets and donated to a hospice. Think I may have to make up some more of these little beauties..

Well at long last I am getting myself a bit more organised and have taken some photos of some of the finished items I have waiting to go on a journey to help out those in need.

This hat and scarf along with a couple of balls of wool are on their way to the bushfire survivors.. imagine loosing all your stashes both yarn and fabric and not having anything to play with............

These are 2 pair of mittens that will be heading on their way to help out a couple of newborns..... just need to replace the ribbons in these with some crocheted chains first though..

This is my little 'case' in which I keep all my finished items until they venture off to their new homes. I just love anything to do with tea or coffee.. I put little soap bars of lavender in with the items to help protect them and make them smell fresh for their new recipients also..
See pic below of it when it is open... you can see the items sitting in there waiting patiently..
Also below are a couple more little premmie hats just waiting for some more mates to be finished to join them then they will also be flying their way to their new homes.......
This is a collection of some of the finished items I have in my case.. a couple of premmie hats, mittens, 3 pairs of bootees, a little premmie dress and a baby hat, also not in the photo are a couple of FQs and some more beanies and some little teddy scarves that just need their tassles done. I do have a number of items just requiring sewing up and then these will be added to my case as well...
Well till next time.. Keep smiling and helping those in need..