Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boy it has got cold!!

It has been so long since we have had a proper cold, wet winter but I think we are in for one this year. It has been about 16 years since we last saw water laying on the ground like we used to every year but this year there is water lying on the ground already so it is definitely rubber boots weather now and it is just the first day of winter. Today it was so cold that I went and bought myself a new jacket to keep me warm, but not before I went and bought some more yarn to make some items for those who are permanently out in this cold weather. We had ice on all the windscreens this morning so imagine these poor souls who have to sleep out in it.. we have not had proper heating for the last 5 years, stupid central heating in country areas don't mix real well, along with the problem of trying to get tradies to travel out to fix them. I seem to spend 6 months of the year begging a tradie to come out and fix our heating system, then summer comes and it slips to the back of my mind. Up until this year we did have a fire to keep the chill off but it came to grief last winter and we haven't been able to get it fixed yet.. so while I sit in front of my little portable heater I really feel for those who are exposed to the elements and can only imagine how cold they must be. Which leads me to more knitting for helping these people at least feel a little bit warmer. Some of the items I have completed include these items.
Seems to be a bit of a trend here of all baby items but I do have other items that need photographing.. and guess what I found back in May!!! yep my camera.. lol I really don't know where it has been hiding but one day it turned up on my sewing table. I swear it wasn't there the multitude of times I searched and searched for it.. and I was just on the verge of buying a new one. lucky I didn't.. so while the batteries recharge, yep I did have to buy new ones, I will continue on with my knitting and hopefully get a heap more items finished for the next photographic session before I send them all off to keep their new owners nice and snuggly warm.

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Vickie said...

love all oyur knitted items -such a talented and giving lady you are (no arguing yes you are)..takes me forever to knit anything these days but I keep going and get it done eventually,the weather is so silly all the world around this year,cheers Vickie