Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some photos of finished items at long last..

I have been having a bit of fun playing around with these squares... I usually do the normal granny squares when I am crocheting up my scraps of wool and the blankets are then donated to the homeless. But this is based on the 'Never Ending Blanket' square which is less 'holey' and I have so far made up 7 of these squares for charity. They crochet up very quickly and I am really enjoying making them. These squares will be going to Knit4Charity yahoo group to be made into blankets and donated to a hospice. Think I may have to make up some more of these little beauties..

Well at long last I am getting myself a bit more organised and have taken some photos of some of the finished items I have waiting to go on a journey to help out those in need.

This hat and scarf along with a couple of balls of wool are on their way to the bushfire survivors.. imagine loosing all your stashes both yarn and fabric and not having anything to play with............

These are 2 pair of mittens that will be heading on their way to help out a couple of newborns..... just need to replace the ribbons in these with some crocheted chains first though..

This is my little 'case' in which I keep all my finished items until they venture off to their new homes. I just love anything to do with tea or coffee.. I put little soap bars of lavender in with the items to help protect them and make them smell fresh for their new recipients also..
See pic below of it when it is open... you can see the items sitting in there waiting patiently..
Also below are a couple more little premmie hats just waiting for some more mates to be finished to join them then they will also be flying their way to their new homes.......
This is a collection of some of the finished items I have in my case.. a couple of premmie hats, mittens, 3 pairs of bootees, a little premmie dress and a baby hat, also not in the photo are a couple of FQs and some more beanies and some little teddy scarves that just need their tassles done. I do have a number of items just requiring sewing up and then these will be added to my case as well...
Well till next time.. Keep smiling and helping those in need..


Vickie said...

My what wonderful items you have made there...I'm sure they will be well loved and appreciated...what wool do you use to make the hats and boottees with..ply? blend..nylon? wool?
quite often i see wool in the thrift stores up here..i think it's cause when people move here they bring all thier stashes and then realize they won't be needing the wool for this climate,
cheers Vickie

Juwles said...

Thanx Vickie, I am sure they will come in handy for those less fortunate and be appreciated. I use a 4 ply generally for the baby items but sometimes use a soft 8 ply. The yarns used can vary from acrylics to wools or blends of acrylic/nylons etc..I use an 8 ply of different yarn types for the adult items and sometimes also use 10ply or 12ply as they knit up depending on the patterns I am using..