Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wow another month gone and I have been slack!!!

I really can't believe almost a month has passed since I last updated this blog. I have no idea where time has gone but I have been doing things not being

Yesterday I posted off a parcel of premmie hats and a pair of bootees for the Newcastle NICU, another small parcel of 6 premmie hats went off to Mercy Hospital for Women for their NICU and also a large parcel for this parcel consisted of a pair of bootees and a hat, 3 packets of pencils and 6 pencil cases, a couple of caps, some FQS for the many and wonderful quilts this lady makes and a few bumbags. These are all sent on to the children of East Timor. These poor kids have very little school supplies, their school is a tin shed with a dirt floor, desks made out of trees and their stools are logs... if you have a look at the blog you will see how little these people have and you just have to feel for them and want to do something to help them out. Any donation, no matter how small will make a difference to these kids.

Thought I should post a pic of the little scarves I make for the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. I haven't sent any since the season ended but I have made I will get into making more of these after xmas and hopefully have quite a few ready to send once the season starts up again.

I have still been making things, I have finished another little hat this week and almost finished 2 more big scarves for the kids in Timor and Afghanistan. Must remind myself to take photos of the items I make, I have a shocking habit of forgetting to take photos of the projects I finish. I tend to put them together in a basket ready for posting and then forget to take pics.... I have a couple of pairs of pyjamas to finish off also, just need to do the cuffs and they will go into the finished items basket ready for posting..

I was lucky enough this week to be the recipient of a ruler holder. My son was wanting to do things and as he is handy with wood he is busily making bits and pieces to sell. of course I get to keep all the prototypes.. lol

Well till next time, take care of those you love.


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